My 3 year daughter Vala is 100% girl! She came into my bedroom the other day wearing her favorite color (pink) from head to toe, insisting that Barbie wanted to talk to me as she handed me her pink Barbie phone.


barbieAfter my failed attempt to convince her that Barbie didn’t really want to talk to me, I gave in and had a 30 second conversation with the imaginary caller! All three of our kids have provided my wife and I with plenty of laughter over the years, even if it does sometimes take me a few days (or months) to get over some of the unexplainable things they do, like writing a name…in pen…on my 2 month old leather rocker/recliner! But, I’m learning (OK, trying to learn) how to better deal with mishaps that are simply unavoidable with 3 kids!

Oh, and by the way, did you know that Barbie just got a brand new sports car?