Tri System’s Edge

Book 1: Humble Beginnings

Heroes aren’t born, they’re made.

When her ship crashes on a planet called Paradise, Kalla and her crew of smugglers set out to find help.

But soon after leaving the ship, they discover the planet is far from a paradise. Visibility is extremely low thanks to a thick fog everywhere, and a vicious swarm of creatures begin picking her crew off one by one.

Will Kalla beat the impossible odds and make it back to her ship unscathed, or is the life she knew about to come to an end?

Book 2: Blood Thirsty

Kalla is back, and she’s out for blood.

The Tri Systems is on the verge of a war that no one even sees coming.

General Quinn, the sadistic leader of a rogue militia, has plans to unleash a destructive force in order to seize control.

But Kalla is on the hunt, and she’s not going to quit until the general is dead.

Picking up where Humble Beginnings leaves off, Blood Thirsty throws you right back into the action with Kalla and Jarek as they go on the hunt for the general.

Here’s what a few readers had to say…


5-Star Amazon Review
Humble Beginnings grabs your attention from the beginning and doesn’t let go, not even at the end. The author has developed a good, strong plot, with strong characters. This is a must read!

5-Star Amazon Review
I have never considered myself a Sci Fi fan, but this book has changed my mind. I really loved it, the story was interesting, intriguing and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I fell in love with the characters, and cannot wait for more. This would make an amazing movie.

4-Star Amazon Review
A very fun tale told by a promising new writer. As other reviewers have noted, the story pulls the reader in immediately, grabs hold and doesn’t let go until the last word is read.